Street Fighter IV

January 26, 2009

sf4Proof, if ever if was needed, that the world is back on track thanks to Barack Obama – a new Street Fighter game!

But this time it’s not some cashing in on a 2D remix on the online console networks, it’s a complete brand new game. Hurrah for the world.

It’s currently available to pre-order from all your favourite online shops (after all, who would trust a high street one now. Ha!) so Capcom better not screw up by doing some horrible Jar Jar Binks type CGI reimagining on Blanka.

Let’s hope the awesome car smashing minigame is also left intact, although I doubt it in these PC times, instead we’ll probably see Ken and Ryu donning luminous yellow jackets and sweeping leaves in a car park for two minutes. 

Damn you, 21st Century.

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